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Here at Inkserv, we specialise in minute taking and transcription. Based in Gauteng, we cater to a range of businesses, no matter the industry or location.

Leading Transcription & Minute Taking Company

Do you keep minutes of your meetings? Would you prefer to be able to focus on your meetings, while someone else takes care of the minutes? Are you looking for a professional and reliable minute-taking and transcription company in South Africa? 

Inkserv can assist you with all your minute-taking and transcription needs and do it in a speedy and accurate manner.  

We transform spoken words into written records, ensuring accuracy, confidentiality, and reliability. We are committed to excellence and deliver first-class transcription and minute-taking services that cater to a wide range of industries, from legal and medical to corporate and academic. Although we mostly focus on assisting larger corporations that have committees and boards, with regular meetings that need to be recorded, we also assist individuals and smaller businesses. 

 As a minute-taking company, we can help you by taking the time-consuming task of taking minutes at your Annual General Meeting, Board of Directors meetings, or any other meeting that requires minutes. We will then provide you with minutes that are professionally written, accurate, and completed in a timely manner. This ensures that your company continues to run smoothly without you having to worry about whether your minutes are accurate or done on time. In the Gauteng area, we offer in-person qualified minute takers that attend your meetings, and professionally take the meeting minutes, for the rest of the country you are welcome to send us a recording of your meetings and we will transcribe it for you. 

We Are in This Together

We understand that as a business, it might be difficult to consistently prepare and distribute minutes within the set timelines to the Board and Committees. Missed timelines often mean delayed execution of resolutions, which can have a negative impact on any business. This is where we, as professionals, come in to take this rather time-consuming task off your shoulders. While we are of service to corporations, we do assist individuals and small businesses too. 

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Why Choose Us?

With our ever-evolving world, comes a range of pressures, which can sometimes lead to missed deadlines and missed communication too. But do not allow this to be your situation. Let Inkserv take care of your minutes and transcriptions.  

Our team of skilled professionals is trained to capture every word, ensuring that your minutes and transcriptions are error-free and reliable. We understand the importance of precision, and we deliver it consistently. 

We prioritise the security of your sensitive information. Our transcribers and minute-takers follow strict protocols, and we guarantee the utmost confidentiality. We recognise that time is of the essence. We’re well known for our swift turnaround times, making sure you receive your transcripts and minutes promptly with a shorter-than-average turnaround time of 7 days. 

We are one of the best transcription companies in South Africa and offer the services of some of the best minute-takers in the Gauteng area. We are client-focused, and results-orientated, with years of experience, and a proven track record of satisfied clients. 

What Do We Cover For You?

Our mission is to save you time, while delivering a quality service. We will lend a helping hand in respect of the following services:

Minute Taking Services:

  • Board of Directors
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Social and Ethics Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Executive Committee (ExCo)
  • Operations Committee (OpsCo)
  • Other Management meetings

Transcription Services:

  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Interviews (including research interviews)
  • CCMA cases
  • Court proceedings
  • Telephone calls
  • Briefing sessions
  • Focus groups
  • Board or Committee meetings
  • Seminars