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Transcription company in Johannesburg
Transcription company in Johannesburg

Inkserv. Since 2018

With a BTech in Public Management, as well as Bachelor of Accounting Sciences degree, company founder Bongani Mahlangu comes with years of knowledge and experience in minute taking. His professional take on running efficient meetings, has cemented him in the minute-taking world.

Where are we located? In Rosebank, Gauteng. And we are a level 1 B-BBEE company.

Our Professionalism Speaks for Itself

The important question you might be asking yourself is, “why should I choose Inkserv?” And it is an easy one to answer. We value our work and take pride in every aspect of what we do. And with Mr Mahlangu at the helm, you are guaranteed a quality service. Mr Mahlangu has been providing minute-taking services for more than twelve years. He is also fully versed in transcription and maintains a high-quality standard. This has provided us with a solid foundation in the industry.

What We Value

Our aim, as Inkserv, is to always provide high quality work, effectively and timeously. Being well acquainted with the transcription and minute taking industry, Inkserv endeavours to provide its services within the strict deadlines that are associated with this line of work. We prioritise our client’s convenience and work tirelessly to eliminate long periods of time before delivery.

Interesting fact

What is minute taking? This is when you record what is discussed in a meeting. Generally, minute taking is a skill that takes years to hone. In some instances, people are not trained to take minutes, but are nevertheless assigned to perform this important task. This does not only pose a risk to the governance structures in so far as the accuracy of their meeting minutes is concerned, but also results in miscommunication of the resolutions that management must execute. It is precisely for this reason that we offer this service. We are professional, know exactly what to document, and do it in the most efficient way possible, with the primary goal of saving our clients valuable time to focus on other important tasks for the day.

What is transcribing? This is something we have been asked on multiple occasions. This act of writing is when you document information in written form from another source. An example would be you sending us an audio recording, then we transcribe the audio into text. Transcribing is a form of communication that dates back to 3400 BC. It was a popular form of communication used in the Romain and Egyptian eras.

Transcription company in Johannesburg

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