Minute Taking Services

Minute taking is the process of capturing and summarising the key points, discussions, and decisions made during a meeting, seminar, or any other organised gathering. 

It consists of preparing for the meeting by going through the meeting agenda beforehand. During the meeting, it consists of recording the date, time, and location, and a list of the attendees, including their names and positions, and then listening carefully and making detailed notes on the key discussions, decisions, and action items. 

The minutes are then formatted into a structured and clear format, reviewed for accuracy, and distributed to the relevant parties. 

Our Minute Taking Services

At Inkserv, we specialise in delivering first-class minute taking services that streamline your meetings and ensure that all critical information is accurately captured and organised. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries and organisations. 

We pride ourselves on the precision and clarity of our minutes. We summarise discussions, decisions, and action items in a concise and comprehensible manner, ensuring that nothing is lost in translation. 

We respect your time and deadlines. Our fast turnaround times ensure that you receive your minutes promptly, helping you stay on top of action items and follow-ups. We offer in-person minute taking services in the Johannesburg area but offer remote minute taking for any occasion all over South Africa. Our services are accessible wherever your business is. 

We understand that every meeting is unique, therefore Inkserv adapts to your specific requirements, whether you require verbatim transcripts, detailed summaries, or concise minutes. 

Our team of professional minute takers specialises in board meeting minutes, accurately capturing discussions and decisions, and we are experienced and flexible in catering to the needs of a broad spectrum of industries.  

Importance of taking minutes

Minutes provide an official record of what transpired during a meeting. They document discussions, decisions, and action items, which can be crucial for legal or compliance purposes and can serve as historical references. That is why it is crucial to take accurate minutes to serve as a reliable record of discussions and decisions. 

In regulated industries, minutes are often required to demonstrate compliance with specific rules and regulations, and they may need to be submitted to regulatory authorities. By law, the South African Government requires that companies keep minutes of all board and sub-committee meetings – see the Companies Act No. 71 of 2008, therefore it is best if a professional and qualified Minute Taker takes the minutes. 

Minutes help in informed decision-making by summarising the pros and cons of different options and the rationale behind decisions. This is particularly important for strategic planning and long-term goals, therefore well-documented minutes are very important.

Benefits Of Choosing Us

Inkserv offers professional minute taking services and is well-known in the corporate world for our expertise in minute taking and transcribing. Our team of experts pride themselves on delivering clear, accurate, and professional minutes in a timely manner to our clients. We take data security and confidentiality seriously. Your sensitive information is handled with the utmost care, and we employ strict protocols and encryption measures to protect it and you.

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