Medical Transcription Services

What is Medical Transcription?  

When the stakes are life or death, there’s no room for miscommunication. 

Medical transcription is the process of producing professional text records of communications in sensitive healthcare contexts. 

Common applications for medical transcription include: 

  • Medical audio transcription, which converts audio to text format (such as doctor’s dictated patient notes) 
  • digitising and annotating handwritten documents 
  • patient interviews for research purposes 
  • documenting discussions between specialists  
  • recording medical information for the training of machine learning models 
  • academic medical lectures 
  • patient’s confidential personal and medical information  

Medical transcription provides secure, accurate documentation in an efficient manner, ensuring that all communications adhere to the strict compliance measures that keep our society healthy and protect the rights of those in need of care. 

Learn more about the benefits of medical transcription services below. 

medical transcription

Benefits of medical transcription  

Accuracy and Precision 

Without accurate records, critical patient information can be lost or misunderstood, leading to improper treatment or privacy breaches. Clear and accurate communications are the lifeblood of any industry, but never more so than in healthcare, where accuracy is crucial for delivering effective treatment. 

A single patient file can encompass a sizable collection of data, such as allergies to medicines, lab test results, changing symptom statuses, medical aid funds, and more. A single false datum could disrupt the care process and incur lasting morbidity. 

That’s why more and more hospitals, healthcare practices and private specialists turn to transcriptionists for expert support.   Professional medical transcription services guarantee error-free documentation through multiple rounds of review and the latest editing software, helping healthcare workers give the best possible care. 

Compliance with Industry Standards 

Healthcare is a finely calibrated system, with many moving parts: from the production and distribution of medicines, technologies and disposable materials, to the auditing and maintenance of care facilities, to consultations, procedures, insurance companies and more.  

Each component relies on extensive administration to ensure the sustainable functioning of the whole – and ultimately, for the safe recovery of all patients.  The better healthcare professionals adhere to industry standards, the better they can save – and improve – lives. 

Professional medical transcriptionists help healthcare practices comply with legal regulations, avoiding costly disputes or improper care.   

Saves Time 

Medical professionals carry enormous responsibility.   

Providing compassionate, patient-centred care, determining accurate diagnoses and advising patients on how to manage their symptoms – all of these require years of training and absolute concentration. 

Moreover, doctors and nurses frequently work long and demanding shifts, often in busy wards with multiple patients requiring support simultaneously. A professional medical transcription service frees healthcare workers to do what they do best, while leaving documentation to the experts. 

Our medical transcription services

Don’t let inefficient, error-ridden documentation undermine the quality of your care.  Get the benefits of medical transcription the smarter way. 

With Inkserv’s professional transcription services, you get timely, accurate medical transcriptions from specialist transcriptionists with experience in the medical field. While other transcription services make frequent use of non-specialist writers and take up to two weeks, Inkserv delivers expert quality within 7 days. 

We also offer medical audio transcription – such as doctor’s dictations, specialist discussions and research interviews.  Simply send us the audio file you want transcribed, and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive text document of your medical information.